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December 2019

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Digital charter boost comes from integration of DA companies

PrivateFly has been working hard to integrate fellow Directional Aviation company Skyjet's sales team within its organisation. Investment in the digital platform is being increased, as is buying power.   Full story

Platform acquisition brings opportunity for global digitisation

Vista Global is to bring JetSmarter into its fold in a move that combines the reach and infrastructure of the former with the app technology of the latter.   Full story

ARGUS broker certification awarded to Aviation Charter

How to stand out from the crowd? Aviation Charter joins a group of five European charter businesses, and only 12 worldwide, to achieve ARGUS broker certification.   Full story

A change of direction in automotive industry charter

Croatia and Iceland are on the road to becoming automotive industry hot spots according to Air Partner, and the infrequency of direct scheduled flights offers many a charter opportunity.   Full story

Black steps up to BACA deputy chair

At its 466th meeting, the council of BACA - The Air Charter Association elected a new deputy chair. Breaking the glass ceiling is Hunt & Palmer manager, executive aviation Julie Black.   Full story

Booking conversion rates tackled by Avinode

The three main problems with charter booking are being addressed by Avinode. Its Takeoff Ready function identifies only those flights that are available with a stand-by crew.   Full story

Vertis aims for African growth

Still rich with opportunity, Africa offers much promise in the charter arena. Vertis is gearing up to take on the challenge with the appointment of an extra personnel resource.   Full story

All New York City airports now reachable by Blade

Blade's new urban air mobility service is attracting new clients to the short hop helicopter market. By extending connections to other airports, it offers NY passengers the opportunity to avoid the hassle of rush hour.   Full story

Magellan launches Elevate membership programme

It's risk free and personalised says Magellan Jets of its new membership programme. And every trip is memorable; the team are happy to coordinate catering, book tee times or even dress up as Disney characters.   Full story

New York is target for Airstream expansion

Such has been the interest in its Distance Card that Airstream Jets is opening and staffing new premises far from its Florida operation, close to the heart of Manhattan.   Full story

ACS expands office to meet Moscow demand

Looking to grow its Russian business, Air Charter Service has now relocated its Moscow operation to considerably larger office space. Recruitment opportunities will follow.   Full story

Vertis app includes seat booking options

A new app from Vertis targets seat-only, empty leg and charter bookings. The company hopes it will appeal to the increasingly strong buying power of the sharing generation.   Full story

Online initiatives launched by LunaJets

LunaJets has made a significant investment in a website and app. Not only that, a loyalty programme rewards downloading the app, repeated business and referral of new clients with a limitless offer of discounted travel.   Full story

Avia Solutions Group to acquire Chapman Freeborn

The acquisition of Chapman Freeborn by ASG will see the brokerage group maintain its product portfolio and continue to operate under its various brands. Together, 2019 revenues are expected to reach one billion euros.   Full story

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Germany's FAI chalks up 30 years

Over three decades FAI Aviation Group has offered fixed-wing air ambulance, special missions, charter, aircraft management and full MRO services. Siegfried Axtmann delivers a potted company history.   Full story

Animals travel in style with VistaPet treatment

Apparently an estimated 30 million people travel with their pets each year. VistaJet's global pet travel programme is designed to ensure even the furriest four-legged passengers feel welcome on board.   Full story

To replaces Robins at Gama Aviation

Since announcing his intention to retire back in November last year, Sir Ralph Robins has been waiting for a suitable replacement to be found. Simon To has now stepped forward, and starts with immediate effect.   Full story

Luxaviation Helicopters signs PhilJets as alliance member

PhilJets has joined the Luxaviation Helicopters Charter Alliance alongside ExecuJet's in Mexico and South Africa, plus HeliFlite, HeliAustria, Azur Hélicoptère, Starspeed and Helity.   Full story

Edmond and Tom fly flag for ExecuJet in Asia Pacific

ExecuJet has added three Global Express, two Challengers and one Gulfstream to its fleet in the Asia Pacific region over the last 12 months. Luxaviation's Singapore offices were consolidated with ExecuJet last year.   Full story

ASG singles out Sino as one to watch

Despite challenges in the industry recently that have led to a decrease in the industry fleet's overall size in China, Sino's lineup has increased from 30 to 39 jets in the past year, an impressive 30 per cent growth rate.   Full story

Sardinian signs up for BACA membership

Sardinian Sky Service tends to employ former military pilots with civil experience, while its ground staff are sourced from major Italian and foreign airlines. It currently manages Citation types including the XLS and XLS+.   Full story

San Marino AOC widens scope for FTC

The San Marino AOC allows FTC to register aircraft there and commercially operate around the world regardless of the aircraft base, while an office in San Marino will make its services more accessible to clients.   Full story

Guardian Flight augments Arizona coverage

It's a new dawn for fixed and rotary wing air medical flight provider Guardian Flight. Its purchase of Sunrise Air Ambulance gives it a greater foothold in eastern Arizona and brings its number of bases in the state to nine.   Full story

Manchester base extends reach for Zenith Aviation

The Learjet-loving MD of Zenith Aviation anticipates a rush of charter business from the company's new base at Manchester airport. The north west of England will be served, and reach will extend to Scotland and Ireland.   Full story

Butterfield looks to spread Cutter's charter influence

After three years of teaching for the University of North Dakota, Taylor Butterfield spent time with General Atomics flying unmanned aircraft. He has been with Cutter Aviation since 2016.   Full story

BHS Helicopterservice initiates DC Aviation Switzerland purchase

BHS Helicopterservice plans to establish itself as a commercial operator by acquiring an independent AOC. As it buys DC Aviation Switzerland, it will be upping its charter flights in both Germany and Switzerland.   Full story

ExecuJet teams with safari firm for luxury packages

The mission of We Are Africa is to transform and rebrand African travel for the global luxury market, celebrating the continent's diversity, beauty and opportunity. ExecuJet is helping towards that goal.   Full story

French jet operator opens in Beverly Hills

France-based iXAir Business Jets is to open a new office in California. The company is hoping to improve its offering to and from the US for both its European and American clientele.   Full story

TAG Aviation launches charter app

My TAG is an easy-to-use smartphone application from TAG Aviation giving users on-the-go access to charter requests and flight details. Personalised and dedicated travel is its sole raison d'être.   Full story

Air Hamburg to support Asian charter operations

With manpower across multiple time zones, Asian brokerage Apertus needed an operator with European reach. It found that in Air Hamburg, and together they will link demand and operations across the continents.   Full story

Trans Europe charter is approved for ORTAC

Thanks to its TCO authorisation, the 2-REG company ORTAC can fly passengers all around Europe and north Africa. And thanks to its PTS approval, passengers can fly their pets back into Jersey.   Full story

VNH North pioneers B505 tourism flights in Vietnam

The Bell 505 is considered to be a very good aircraft for tourism, owing to its large windows that offer good visibility to passengers. VNH North will offer point to point transfers between Hanoi and Ha Long Bay.   Full story

Gulfstream expert White helps Jet Edge Partners take flight

Kevin White joins Jet Edge from aircraft acquisitions company AvPro, where he was executive sales director. He will oversee Jet Edge Partners out of the company's Annapolis office and will focus on developing partnerships.   Full story

Branded PC-24 and PC-12 aid patients across Australia

The RFDS Medi-Jet PC-24 has a custom rear patient loading door with a built-in stretcher loader, while an IGA-branded PC-12 will continue its work in South Australia and the Northern Territory.   Full story

Ops boss Naor forecasts more success for GrandView

Jessica Naor has been with GrandView since 2010, initially as a helicopter charter sales coordinator. She grew the company's private jet service from under $1 million in sales in 2015 to over $10 million three years.   Full story