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Sponsored operators

Air Independence (Germany)
Cedar Executive (Lebanon) Cedar Executive is a premium division of Middle East Airlines, which is a provider of luxury private jets and the highly revered experience that comes with our service throughout the world.
Centurion Flight Services (U.S.A.) Centurion Flight Services has been providing safe and efficient air charter since 1983. Our clients are business and leisure travelers who want no hassle travelling.
European Air Ambulance (Luxembourg) European Air Ambulance is one of the largest aeromedical provider offering worldwide repatriation.
Heli Jet (Costa Rica) HeliJet was founded in 2009 in San Jose, Costa Rica to provide charter flights in helicopter or airplane.
LATAM Airlines Group (Chile) Chartering to Latin America? Contact the experts! LATAM Airlines has a fleet of 322 aircraft based in 07 different countries in the region.
My Corporate Jet (U.S.A.) We strive to provide exceptional customer service, the highest levels of safety and comfort for your worldwide private travel.
OJets (Singapore) OJets is an indirect air carrier. The fleet is operated by Elit'Avia Malta Limited under a Maltese air operator’s certificate. OJets holds a 30% equity interest in Elit'Avia Malta Limited. For more information, please visit
SkyMark Executive (United Arab Emirates) Our trusted charter sales team are on call 24/7.
Titan Aviation (United Arab Emirates)
Ultimate Jetcharters (U.S.A.) Ultimate Jetcharters specializes in operating corporate/project shuttles and provides private charter services to a wide range of clients.
Voluxis (U.K.) Voluxis (U.K) An air charter operator with a global AOC offering aircraft charter, aircraft management and charter sales and marketing services.
White Cloud Charter (U.S.A.) White Cloud's private jet charter affords business and leisure travelers the luxury of time well spent.