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December 2019

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AlbaJet launches broker services in Austria

A tri-lingual young entrepreneur has launched a new brokerage in Austria. His previous work experience on both sides of the broker/operator divide should provide a broad basis from which to start.   Full story

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Fast growing broker invests in Australia

Air Charter Service has relocated its Sydney office to larger premises just one street away. High measures of wealth and large travelling distances make Australia a prime market for growth, the company says.   Full story

New Flight Charters sponsors ultra cycling team

The charity-loving charter manager at broker New Flight Charters is joining a team of riders to take part in the 2019 Race Across America. That is a 3,000 mile coast-to-coast race across the Western US.   Full story

Victor launches climate action strategy

With the planet on its way to achieving unsustainable temperature rises, Victor is driving the charge to reduce carbon emissions from private jets. A three-pronged strategy tackles offsetting, fuel burn and alternative fuels.   Full story

Security advisory service launched by Jet Ways

For those undertaking missions into potentially dangerous areas, Jet Ways is offering individual risk analysis and recommendations. Who better to prepare such advice than ex-Israeli intelligence analysts?   Full story

Premier appointment for Travis

With the company in the middle of an intensive 2019 music tour season, Premier Aviation needed another set of hands on deck. It has recruited 30 year industry veteran Paul Travis to the broker team.   Full story

Appetite builds among Air Partner corporate customers

The majority of Air Partner's UK business aviation clients come from the financial sector, and their favourite destination is Geneva. The company comments on corporate flying trends across its private jets division.   Full story

LunaJets notes the trends in European hot spots

Over 800 private jets chartered in London during the summer of 2018 landed in Nice, according to WingX Advance. This year LunaJets has seen some move towards Mykonos instead.   Full story

PrivateFly insights reflect global footprint

PrivateFly's growing client base on both sides of the Atlantic is demonstrated by the company's latest quarterly insights report, with New York City now at the top of its most flown destinations.   Full story

NaJet launches Russian charter platform

A new charter sales platform is set to tackle the fast and accurate production of quotes for the Russian business aviation market. In time, NaJet hopes to expand its reach further afield.   Full story

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Hahn launches handy site for booking charters

Until now, customers had to visit the Hahn Air Group web site to book ad hoc flights. Having significantly increased its charter segment over the past several years, Hahn decided it was time for a new dedicated site.   Full story

Mexican airline enters the charter arena

Aerolineas Ejecutivas has been operating private flights for more than 20 years. Aeromexico, the national airline of Mexico, will be drawing on this experience as it launches its own brand of ad hoc charter.   Full story

Wheels Up scales up fleet through TMC acquisition

Wheels Up and TMC are looking to become market leaders. Wheels up already had 93 aircraft in its fleet and by acquiring TMC, it is adding 26 Hawker 400XPs. TMC customers will keep their former points of contact.   Full story

ExecuJet adds Discovery Safaris as tour partner

ExecuJet expects demand for its safari service to grow and has found a second partner to deliver its tours, after Luxury Short Safaris signed up in May. Areas around the Okavango and Zambezi rivers teem with wildlife.   Full story

Clay Lacy is top for quiet departures

Van Nuys airport's quiet departure program reduces the impact of noise pollution for those who live close by and underneath flight paths. Clay Lacy wins its Friendly Flyer award for the seventh year in a row.   Full story

GainJet positions AW139 in Athens for larger groups

GainJet has been mulling over helicopter charter for some time. Working with rotary specialist PHI has eased the transition from pure fixed wing, and the company expects its AW139 to be popular with Athenian HNWIs.   Full story

Fenzke to manage charter at Air 7

Jenna Fenzke has been rewarded for five years of great sales service with a promotion to the position of charter sales manager at Air 7.   Full story

Falcon 7X specialist Planet Nine turns one

It has been a busy first year for Planet Nine Private Air, which now has a fleet of five aircraft and a team of 60 employees working from bases in Van Nuys and Teterboro. A third location could be on the horizon.   Full story

Gama Aviation Signature gets Windsor in its sales

Gama is already active in the heavy jet market, and joining forces with Windsor is set to accelerate its growth in the sector. Windsor in turn will benefit from Gama's resources and infrastructure.   Full story

Solairus says Altitude's value is high

Altitude 25 by Solairus has been designed to avoid positioning charges, streamline bookings and guarantee availability to clients with just 24 hours notice.   Full story

Vista Global presents XO charter marketplace

XO is a centralised, digital private aviation marketplace from Vista Global. It offers both membership and ad hoc flights using XOJet's fleet of CL300s and CE750s and brokered partner fleets through the JetSmarter platform.   Full story

Skyservice brings in David for Myles

Marshall Myles and Skyservice Business Aviation president Emlyn David have worked together since 2008. After overseeing a period of significant growth for the organisation, Myles has decided to hang up his flying goggles.   Full story

LaudaMotion Executive acquired by Sparfell

With the recent acquisition of LaudaMotion Executive, Sparfell Aviation Group has brought a fleet of 13 business aircraft under its umbrella and can now provide a one-stop solution for every private aviation need.   Full story

Flying Finn Mika is first celebrity signing for FAI

Mika Hakkinen made great use of business aviation during his illustrious Formula One racing career. Now he has joined FAI, and hopes that he can help the German charter specialist go from strength to strength.   Full story

Presidential lands Ronald Reagan airport approval

Following a newly obtained TSA approval, Presidential Aviation now offers private charter flights to KDCA for business travellers, leisure travellers and United States government employees.   Full story

Elit'Avia implements Osprey's risk assessment system

Osprey fuses human and technical capability to provide support to operators in mitigating the threats to their crew, passengers and aircraft. Elit'Avia is to integrate risk assessment into flight planning.   Full story

Fox enters Desert as founder Wilson chairs board

Having founded Desert Jet in 2007, Denise Wilson positioned the company to be one of the 50 fastest growing female-fronted companies globally. With a new FBO near completion she has now stepped up to group chair.   Full story

Qatar Executive breaks circumnavigation speed record

Qatar Executive, together with the One More Orbit team, has beaten the world circumnavigation speed record flying over the North and South poles, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing.   Full story

German expansion adds options for Dutch Exxaero

Exxaero's new AOC will open doors for the company in the German market. Operations commence with a Premier 1 but plans for four more jets are taking shape.   Full story

Co-founder Hayman places REVA in safe hands

Co-founder of REVA Stuart Hayman took the company from one aircraft and three employees to more than 20 aircraft across four bases with 350 staff. Now he is moving on, with Shannon Schell his replacement.   Full story

ASG and Beijing 999 collaborate on patient transfers

A long-haul EMS flight from China to Europe has been carried out under the terms of an agreement between Asian Sky Group and Beijing 999. The latter's assets include two H135s, a Falcon 2000LX and a G550.   Full story

Líder Aviação takes an optimistic view on market growth

Brazil's new government looks to be modernising the country, and Líder Aviação is behind the reforms. Its new booking app is an investment in the future.   Full story

Brasil Vida completes ECMO work and seeks fleet additions

Brasil Vida Taxi Aeros has a fleet containing Cheyennes, King Airs, Learjet 31As and Westwinds, enabling it to carry out air ambulance missions all over Brazil and beyond. It is hoping to add a midsize jet too.   Full story

Voluxis gains LCY approval and full US capability

Part 129 operational status underpins Voluxis' commitment to improving its charter services and, along with London City airport approval, is an exciting step for the company.   Full story

Esperia buoyant after forging yacht deal

Acquera Yachting manages the superyacht berths at Casamicciola Marina as well as the helipad on Ischia Island. Esperia will make use of its A109 Grand fleet for 20 minute Naples transfers and 50 minute hops to Rome.   Full story

Babcock begins fixed wing ambulance service in Norway

The geography of the north of Norway means a fleet of fixed wing aircraft is best suited for fast and efficient patient transport. Babcock has modified a Latitude to fulfil its contract for the country's health service.   Full story

Wing Spirit to debut HondaJet Elite in Hawaii

Wing Spirit has made a big statement by purchasing 15 HondaJets, believing the type is well-suited for inter-island travel. Executive VP and COO Sal Miwa has called the decision a 'natural choice'.   Full story

Iannone teams with O'Connell to manage Meridian

Emil Iannone knows Teterboro like the back of his hand, having flown there since the 1980s. He once was chief pilot at Meridian and is rated on Learjets, Gulfstreams and Citations. He is now taking up a more senior role.   Full story