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August 2019
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New Flight Charters sponsors ultra cycling team

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Jackson, Wyoming-based New Flight Charters is sponsoring its charter manager Kelan Poorman and Team Oceanside for the 2019 Race Across America (RAAM), to benefit its local community.

A former career Oceanside Police Department officer and spokesperson, Poorman is riding with the Oceanside Police Officers' Association team benefiting the local non-profit Oceanside Police Canine Officers' Association, which helps enable multidisciplinary police canine training, care and community work.

The race started on 15 June and is the longest endurance bicycle race in the world. It began at the pier in Oceanside, California and will end in Annapolis, Maryland.

The team will race 3,000 miles, cross 12 states and 350 communities, climbing over 170,000 ft through the Sierra, Rocky and Appalachian mountain ranges. Unlike the world-renowned Tour De France, this is not a stage race; they will ride 24 hours a day, sleeping an average of two hours a night until the race is completed. The team hopes to finish the race in six days.

Funds raised will go to Oceanside Police Canine Officers' Association. Police K9s require a wide array of specialised equipment for both training and active duty that enable the officer and canine partner to excel at their tasks and to do so safely. Most of the canines are multidisciplinary and require specialised schools and training to maintain such skills as tracking, narcotics detection, article searching, officer protection and SKIDDS (SWAT K9 Interacting During Deployment School).

As an accredited US charter service and an Inc 5000 four-time honouree, New Flight Charters also takes the lead in corporate responsibility and gives back through its community support programme. Many donations are given to local non-profits benefiting children. “Youth are a hub and a moving influence in a community. In a large way they are the future of that community,” says New Flight Charters president Rick Colson. “What better way to make an impact there now and in the future.” Since 2004, the company has given many thousands of dollars in resources, and hundreds of hours in hands-on service.

New Flight Charters arranges custom domestic and international private flights with a best price guarantee and perfect safety history. The company is both ARGUS and Wyvern registered, Accredited-Rated A+ by the BBB, BACA member, rated D&B Gold, an Inc 5000 four time honoree and a registered US Government contractor.


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