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New Flight Charters

Charter Broker - U.S.A., WY 83001

Telephone: +1 800 732 1653 Fax: +1 760 712 4152
Email: Web:
Facebook: newflightcharters Twitter: NewFlightChrtrs


Business: Ambulance: Group: Commercial: No Cargo:

Business - ad-hoc private and business passenger trips; Ambulance - ad-hoc flights for medical repatriation; Group - ad-hoc trips for larger groups; Commercial - regular charter series flights for commercial operators; and Cargo - all ad-hoc cargo and AOG flights.


ARGUS: Registered Wyvern: Member
The ACA: Member ACANA: Not a member

ARGUS Registered brokers commit to best practices and The ACA's code of conduct, while ARGUS Certified brokers are also subject to onsite audit.
Wyvern member brokers commit to provide Wingman PASS trip verification for every trip.
The ACA - The Air Charter Association is a membership organisation.
ACANA, the Air Charter Association of North America, is a membership organisation.


News from Charter Broker magazine

New Flight Charters starts year with above average demand  May 22, 2018
New Flight Charters announces 2017 results  March 28, 2018
Trips to the eclipse  September 28, 2017
New Flight Charters receives credit rating upgrade  June 12, 2017
Gaining Knowledge: Raising broker standards  June 12, 2017
New Flight Charters releases jet charter spending analysis  April 7, 2015


Company press releases

New Flight Charters announces largest public listing of private jet charter empty legs  November 26, 2019
New Flight Charters receives credit ratings upgrade  November 13, 2019
Summer 2019 private jet charters climb 14.5% year-over-year for New Flight Charters, August soars 18.0%  September 19, 2019
New Flight Charters announces 16.1% increase for July year-over-year and 11.5% growth in past three months  August 27, 2019
New Flight Charters sponsors Race Across America (RAAM) cycling team  June 19, 2019
Empty legs listing announced by New Flight Charters  November 30, 2018
New Flight Charters announces third quarter year-to-date increase of 11.6%  November 20, 2018
New Flight Charters approved for BACA - The Air Charter Association membership  November 15, 2018