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News Release

Chapman Freeborn takes partnership with aviation sustainability provider 4Air to new heights with complimentary participation for jet membership clients

February 20, 2024:

Chapman Freeborn, the global air charter specialist, is taking its commitment to offsetting carbon emissions to new heights by announcing complementary participation for all of its jet membership programme clients in 4Air, an independent provider of aviation sustainability solutions.

With this benefit, now all Chapman Freeborn jet membership clients' flights' carbon emissions will automatically be offset as part of the 4Air programme at no extra cost to jet membership clients. Previously, jet membership clients had the choice of opting into the service on a flight-by-flight basis for an additional charge.

The new benefit for jet membership clients is a re-commitment of the continuing partnership between Chapman Freeborn and 4Air, an Ohio-based based industry pioneer that works to assist aviation organisations in calculating their environmental impact from flight data while offering solutions for carbon offset and reduction. With the offering to its U.S. jet membership clients, Chapman Freeborn is lauding the partnership as a significant development in its commitment to offsetting carbon emissions from flight activity, while also enhancing its dedication to its customers and the environment.

"We are thrilled to advance our commitment to high-quality carbon reduction efforts with 4Air, and to not only invite our U.S. clients to be part of that commitment but make it both effortless and rewarding for them to do so," said David McCown, president Americas of Chapman Freeborn. "The reduction of carbon emissions is the hottest topic in the private aviation industry, and we don't expect it to cool down any time soon. We're glad to have an effective programme in place to address what contributions Chapman Freeborn can make at this pivotal time."

As per the emissions offsetting programme, a monthly report of each jet membership client's flight activity will be provided to 4Air by Chapman Freeborn for a calculation of emissions. In turn, jet membership clients will receive an annual emissions report from 4Air detailing the emission certificates that have been purchased and retired on their behalf and will allow them to retain those results.

Additional offset solutions offered by 4Air include projects such as forestry conservation; renewable energy technology and technology efficiencies; as well as access to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) via a book-and-claim programme and contributions to an aviation innovation research fund.

Nancy Bsales, chief operating officer of 4Air adds: “We're excited to partner with Chapman Freeborn to provide its jet membership clients with sustainability solutions that help address their environmental commitments. 4Air's mission is to offer comprehensive sustainability solutions that effectively mitigate the environmental impact of operating aircraft. The framework, which is the first of its kind in the industry, provides a simplified and verifiable approach that achieves meaningful reductions and offsets to operators' emissions footprint.”


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