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News Release

Chapman Freeborn partners with aviation sustainability solution provider 4Air to provide carbon offset and reduction solutions to US clients

November 1, 2023:

Chapman Freeborn, the global air charter specialist and part of Avia Solutions Group, has announced its partnership with 4Air to provide carbon offset and reduction solutions to clients in the US, effective immediately.

4Air works by assisting aviation organisations in calculating their environmental impact from flight data and subsequently offering them carbon offset and reduction solutions. Offset solutions offered by 4Air include projects such as forestry creation and protection, renewable energy technology and technology efficiencies, as well as access to sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) via a book and claim scheme, and contributions to an aviation innovation research fund.

In partnership with 4Air, Chapman Freeborn will be able to provide all US clients the choice to opt into this service, and those that choose to do so will have a monthly report of their flights provided to 4Air for the emissions to be calculated so they can participate accordingly.

The clients will receive an annual emissions report from 4Air that details the emission certificates that have been purchased and retired on their behalf which they can then use as they wish.

David McCown, president Americas at Chapman Freeborn, says, “We are truly excited about making these high-quality carbon reduction options available to our customers. This is just the first step in our commitment to meeting our clients' needs in terms of their desire to help the environment while continuing to enjoy the full benefits of flying private.”

Although Chapman Freeborn does not directly manage or administer the voluntary offsetting programme, it is excited to partner with 4Air to provide sustainability programme management and consulting to its clients.

Lee Fletcher, environmental and sustainability manager at Chapman Freeborn, comments, “The aviation sector has a significant challenging task in reducing its impacts by 2050, and the Chapman Freeborn Group see this partnership with 4Air as the first small, but important, step in taking responsibility in reducing both our impacts and those of our clients.”

“4Air's programmes are designed as turnkey comprehensive solutions that provide a pathway to addressing and minimising the environmental impacts from all segments in aviation,” said Nancy Bsales, COO of 4Air. “By opting in, Chapman Freeborn's clients can travel knowing their flight activity is offset through verified projects that reduce carbon emissions elsewhere or through the use of sustainable aviation fuel which reduces lifecycle emissions in-sector.”


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