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News Release

BACA announces creation of new international committee to grow global influence

May 29, 2018:

BACA - The Air Charter Association (EBACE Booth J30) has created an international committee to raise awareness globally of the association's industry best practices and represent the international interests of its members. The committee is formed from international BACA members who will be tasked with extending the global reach of BACA and alerting international companies to BACA's training and events. With the current number of BACA member companies very near to a record high level of 240 companies the creation of the international committee will extend BACA's global footprint and lead to a far greater role for the association worldwide.

The plan is part of BACA's ambition to encourage increasing numbers of brokers and operators to adopt the BACA code of conduct and best practices, particularly in the newer, younger and growing charter markets. A major part of the plan is to focus on those regions that are quickly adopting new, innovative electronic flight brokering practices.

The concept has been introduced by BACA CEO Dave Edwards who has engineered a group of committees within the BACA council covering the following areas; industry affairs, membership and training, events and marketing. These have been created to address key areas of activity for BACA, recently identified following a survey of the membership. The committees will formulate strategy for each area, to be delivered over the course of the next two years.

BACA CEO Dave Edwards advises "We have identified a number of key issues that are of concern to our members, and we intend to meet these head on by creating the specialist committees. Each one is made up of council members with expert knowledge in that industry sector. Growth in international influence and raising our profile is a vital part of our strategy and ensures that BACA is known globally as the international association of high standards and best practices in the air charter industry."

BACA chairman Richard Mumford added "We have consulted our membership with a view to planning our future strategy and concluded that moving ahead with a series of specialist committees will help drive BACA forward. The council and I are fully behind this initiative and we look forward to working and helping many International companies in delivering industry best practices and codes of conduct."


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