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News Release

Royal Jets announces Bianca Alexis as coo

April 8, 2015:

Royal Jets has announced Bianca Alexis as the coo of the New York City based charter brokerage company. Bianca Alexis was born in the city of Brooklyn, New York in October 28th, 1988. In early 2010, she acquired her Bachelor Degree in Public Relations from C.W.Post. Ms. Alexis also attended Hofstra University where she obtained a degree in Paralegal Studies.

She started in the world of aviation through the influence of Angelo Senat while he was attending flight school. Before the creation of this company, she was the co-owner of a Night Life Entertainment Company in New York City which produced many events with some of the countries top entertainers. Her involvement in the development of the entertainment company gave her the opportunity to network within the industries top leaders. Later in time, these personalities became the first active clientele of Royal Jets.

Bianca's presence has represented a determinant factor for the constant growth of Royal Jets. Her prior business knowledge on the field and her four years of legal and public relations experience were eminent for the foundation of Royal Jets. During the past few years, she has been highly active in everything related to the functional operation of the company.

Mrs. Alexis' aspirations are to continue working on the consistent expansion of Royal Jets With the collaboration of her team. She plans to broaden the variety of services provided by this company. The company wish to incorporate a wide variety of services to the daily operations of the firm in the years to come.


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