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Royal Jets

Charter Broker - U.S.A., NY 11735

Telephone: +1 877 626 6952 Fax:
Email: Web:
Facebook: Twitter:


Business: Ambulance: Group: Commercial: No Cargo: No

Business - ad-hoc private and business passenger trips; Ambulance - ad-hoc flights for medical repatriation; Group - ad-hoc trips for larger groups; Commercial - regular charter series flights for commercial operators; and Cargo - all ad-hoc cargo and AOG flights.


ARGUS: Not registered Wyvern: Not a member
BACA: Not a member ACANA: Not a member

ARGUS Registered brokers commit to best practices and BACA's code of conduct, while ARGUS Certified brokers are also subject to onsite audit.
Wyvern member brokers commit to provide Wingman PASS trip verification for every trip.
BACA - The Air Charter Association is a membership organisation.
ACANA, the Air Charter Association of North America, is a membership organisation.


Company press releases

Royal Jets to sponsor Darrin Walls celebrity basketball event  July 9, 2015
Royal Jets provides private jet flights starting at $500  June 28, 2015
Royal Jets announces Angelo Senat as ceo  April 8, 2015
Royal Jets announces Bianca Alexis as coo  April 8, 2015