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February 2018
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Artist Charter named ARGUS registered broker

UK music and entertainment industry brokerage Artist Charter has achieved ARGUS Registered Broker status.

In the absence of global regulation or formal licensing of air charter brokers, the ARGUS ratings programme is designed to provide an unbiased and independent way for brokers to prove compliance with industry best practices and requirements. It is fully endorsed by BACA – the air charter association. With ARGUS registered status Artist Charter can now show that it is a legitimate business entity committed to safety and service-oriented charter operations.

Director Elliot Bottomley is now planning an audit to achieve Certified Broker status. “With private aviation, the world has never been such a small place and the far reaches so accessible,” says Bottomley.

“Where budgets exist, agents, managers and promoters are really tapping into its benefits. Booking opportunities can be more readily considered, and more shows can be paired on the same date thanks to the speed, flexibility and direct nature of flying privately. International shows that were once a logistical nightmare can now be reached with ease so an artist need never lose touch with a localised fan base.”


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