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June 2018
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Paul McCluskey will lead ACANA in clarifying FAA certification and reporting illegal charters

News from ACANA: Establishing clarity of certification

ACANA is pleased to announce its board members for 2017. Paul McCluskey, vice president of commercial aviation at Hunt & Palmer USA, becomes chairman while Richard Zaher, CEO of Paramount Business Jets, and Seth Rothman, director of business development at Air Partner, now share vice president duties.

I am grateful to each of the board members for taking time out of their busy professional and personal schedules to invest in ACANA. The board is looking forward to bringing value to its existing members while also growing the organisation.

Although ACANA was originally founded in 2007 as a broker-only organisation, the association recognises the importance of aircraft operator participation to help promote best practices and professionalism to air charter service providers throughout the industry. As such, it has expanded its target member profile to include North American aircraft operators who foster the professional goals of the association.

ACANA represents the interests of its members by exercising a collective influence within the air charter marketplace, providing a unified voice relative to interactions with colleagues, consumers, suppliers and regulators. It enhances, supports and improves the air charter industry by promoting best practices and professionalism.

In the coming year the association will look to build on the strong rapport it has established with the US Department of Transportation, which has sought ongoing consultation with our thought leaders during the drafting of proposed rules to regulate the broking of aircraft charter in the United States. ACANA's leadership team is also keen to provide clarity to domestic and international users of US registered aircraft in the general area of FAA certification, and specifically what makes an aircraft legal to charter for hire. As part of this initiative ACANA will also seek to establish a clear and substantial method for the reporting of illegal and grey market charter operations on N-registered aircraft being marketed and used by US and foreign clients.

There has been long-held confusion and misinformation about the differences between the various types of FAA air carrier certification; Part 91, Part 125, Part 135, Part 121 and even Part 129. We regard it as our duty to continue to inform the air charter industry about the differences and what makes an aircraft legal for charter or not. We have observed that this is especially confusing for our colleagues outside of the Americas and recognise the opportunity to educate and inform through publications like Charter Broker, and fellow organisations such as BACA, NBAA and AsBAA. Our membership is also keen that we establish open lines of communication with US authorities so that potential violations can be efficiently and comprehensively reported with the goal of halting illegal and grey market operations before they can ever fly. The alternative of allowing the public to fly on pseudo-charters that do not meet the stringent regulations adhered to by fully certified operators for financial fitness, insurance, maintenance, training, record keeping and overall safety is unpalatable and potentially tragic.

ACANA member companies are always well represented at various industry events and the board will be exploring opportunities to present and discuss the association and its goals during panels and forums at NBAA-BACE in Las Vegas as well as future major industry events.

Paul McCluskey, chairman, ACANA


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