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News Release

Air Charter Service sets sights on Shanghai

October 17, 2023:

Leading aircraft charter broker, Air Charter Service, has commenced its plans to focus on Shanghai and its surrounding provinces, including those of Zhejiang and Jiangsu, by moving its office in the city to substantially larger premises. The team has been substantially expanded this year following the transferral of several senior staff from the Beijing office. All this follows the company's recent announcement of its new management team in the region.
Newly appointed deputy regional director, Wanny Wu, who has recently transferred to the office, commented: “Shanghai is the third largest city in the world, as well as one of the wealthiest, and is renowned for its finance, manufacturing and tourism industries, making it the natural choice for the first stage of strengthening our presence in China. Our Shanghai office has had several years of exceptionally strong business, and this year we are having our busiest ever, in terms of charters. As a result, we have been expanding the team and moving several senior managers, including myself, from our Beijing office over here, as well as recruiting fresh talent.
“We are preparing for a significant expansion, so we needed a much larger working space, and this new office in the Xuhui District in downtown Shanghai, provides more than four times the floorspace of our previous office. It is an exciting time for ACS in China and Asia Pacific as a whole, and this is just the latest development in our expansion plans.”


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