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News Release

ACS appoints new leadership team for greater China region

October 3, 2023:

Air Charter Service has restructured its operations across the Asia-Pacific region, allowing the company to better focus on each unique market in the area. The first phase is the creation of a greater China region consisting of its Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai offices. At the helm will be the experienced team of James Royds-Jones and Wanny Wu.

Chris Leach, ACS chairman, commented: “As a region, China is hugely diverse, with many differences from western markets and the rest of APAC economically, culturally and politically. As a result, we have decided to build a joint regional management team with the combined skillsets to help grow our business in China over the next decade.
“James Royds-Jones will be the regional director for the new greater China region, comprising of our Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai offices. James has been with us for 15 years, starting off in the London private jets team before moving to Hong Kong in 2013. James's knowledge of ACS, the local market and what it takes to develop a team of brokers will be instrumental in the development of the region.

“James will be joined by Wanny Wu who has been appointed as deputy regional director and will be based in the Shanghai office. Wanny has helped us navigate the administrative challenges of doing business in China since opening our Beijing office 10 years ago and has been pivotal in growing our business in China. She has done so whilst navigating through huge challenges faced by the region including the rolling lockdowns of the last three and a half years and the strict travel restrictions that were in place for much of that time.
“This is a very exciting time for James and Wanny, and together they are responsible for developing our team of nearly 50 people, targeting the second largest economy in the world. We are sure that they have the skills and knowledge to take ACS in China to the next level.”


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