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News Release

Air Charter Service and time design expert, James Wallman, release 'Wild Wonders of Africa' itinerary

August 30, 2023:

Following months of careful curation, leading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, has again teamed up with time design expert, James Wallman, to launch the third in their 'Time Well Spent' series, utilising private aviation to minimise the time spent travelling, flying from point to point, with no aircraft changes or unnecessary layovers.
The 'Wild Wonders of Africa' 18-day itinerary offers an exceptional luxury travel experience, covering more than 5,000 miles, taking in Rwanda, Tanzania, Zambia, Botswana, South Africa and Madagascar, with a little over 15 hours of flying, compared to more than four days' worth of extra travel, layovers and stops that would be needed if attempted by scheduled aviation.
James Wallman, co-creator of the itinerary, and best-selling author of 'Time And How To Spend It', commented: “It is great to team up with Air Charter Service once again to come up with another ultra-luxury itinerary. This new one focuses on the best and most efficient way to see a huge variety of wild animals both in their natural habitats, as well as on their annual migrations, across the length and breadth of Africa, the ultimate safari experience."
Andy Christie, group private jets director at ACS, said: “The itinerary takes in 15 experiences, but the highlights include seeing mountain gorillas in their natural habitat in Rwanda, a hot air balloon flight following mass migration over the Serengeti, a night-safari tracking leopards, an elephant sanctuary in Botswana, great white sharks and humpback whales off the coast of South Africa and the rainforest wildlife of Madagascar. It truly is a spectacular 18-day safari!
“We put these itineraries together to illustrate how private aviation can be used to create incredible trips that would be impossible via commercial airlines. If you were to arrange this trip on scheduled flights, you would spend more than four days' worth of time in the air and at airports, with many of the destinations on our schedule requiring multiple or connecting flights and long layovers to get from one to the other. The private jet flight time from the first to last stop, however, is less than 20 hours.”
Prices start at GBP172,000, which includes the jet and helicopter flights, as well as all hotels and experiences.
Wallman concluded: “The itinerary series is based on the STORIES framework from my book, so that travellers who select these itineraries will not only take a break from their norm, but will embark on a life-affirming journey that provides them with show-stopping memories and stories. The 'STORIES' checklist stands for Story, Transformation, Outside and Offline, Relationships, Intensity, Extraordinary, and Status and Significance. A trip based on this checklist ensures you are adding to your personal development and avoiding 'empty' experiences.”
This new 'Wild Wonders of Africa' itinerary follows on from the 'Across The Top Of The World' and 'Journey To The End Of The World' itineraries, both released in 2021.


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