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News Release

European Air Ambulance enhances management team

February 18, 2022:

Luxembourg based European Air Ambulance (EAA), one of the largest specialised air ambulance service providers in Europe, is pleased to announce a new, strengthened management team.

Led by Frank Halmes, CEO, and Jérôme Pin, deputy CEO, EAA can rely on extensive expertise and established knowledge in the air ambulance industry.

Tom Hienckes recently joined EAA as business development manager. Drawing on his 10-year commercial and operational background in business aviation, he will be particularly concerned with customer relations, account management and the development of the air ambulance activities. He will focus on boosting activity of EAA's recently introduced Challenger 605, designed and equipped for long haul repatriations, while its Learjet 45 fleet is being prepared for a busy summer season.

Didier Dandrifosse, who has been responsible for all medical aspects within EAA for 21 years, will continue to provide a high level of medical expertise together with his highly experienced and well-trained team. In collaboration with Daniel Tanson, in charge of flight operations, he heads EAA's in-house control centre, which serves clients including insurance and assistance companies, charter brokers, individuals, NGOs and governments around the world, 24/7/365.

Its commitment to patient care, continuous innovation and ongoing investment in services and equipment places the EAA team at the forefront of the worldwide emergency medical transport industry.


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