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News Release

Air Charter Service celebrates five years in Australia

March 30, 2021:

Leading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, opened the doors to its Sydney office back in 2016, which has since gone from strength to strength. In 2019, the company moved into a more spacious office to accommodate a larger team, which has tripled in size since opening. Today, the team is celebrating its fifth year in Australia.

Paul Crook, ACS managing director in Australia, had worked for ACS in Dubai previously and couldn’t resist the opportunity to take the reins in the Australian office. It opened with just three staff but became profitable soon after.

Despite 2020 being a turbulent one for aviation, the Sydney team has had a strong year across all of its three divisions: private jets, commercial jets and cargo. The team was also accepted onto the government Department of Defence panel last year. Paul comments: “The last year has been a very strange one for our industry and the world as a whole. We have been fortunate enough to have experienced a good year business-wise though. All three of our divisions grew, but cargo especially, as we stepped in to help fill the gap caused by the reduction in scheduled services.”

Stephen Fernandez, ACS’s regional director APAC, also commented: “We decided to invest in the Australasia market five years ago and it has certainly paid off. We are positive about the further growth of the market and we will be investing more into our Australian operations this year. We look forward to the next five years of ACS in Australia and hope that the world will have gone back to normal by then.”


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