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News Release

Victor launches Client Preferred Operator programme, and continues to bring transparency to business aviation

September 17, 2020:

Victor, the on-demand jet charter platform, is today launching the world's first private aviation client operator ratings programme, Victor Client Preferred Operators. This new feature accelerates Victor's commitment to transparency by enabling consumers to see before booking which operators have the best aircraft and service based on customer feedback.

The launch builds upon Victor's established reputation for innovation in private aviation, developed since it disrupted the market in 2011 as the first private jet broker to introduce booking transparency, sharing the operator network with the end consumer at the point of quotation.

To qualify as a Client Preferred Operator, the operator must have a minimum of 90% customer satisfaction rating for both the aircraft quality and service on board. These operators, which are clearly indicated by a star icon on each quotation to the client, must also demonstrate low levels of technical or flight recovery issues.

Client Preferred Operators are based on analysis of customer feedback on thousands of private jet and commercial jet flights booked through the Victor platform. This new data-driven tool is designed to empower the consumer to make an even more informed decision about the operator they choose to fly with, whilst also giving a platform to the highest-performing operators to stand out above the rest. This will ultimately enable them to increase revenue made through the Victor marketplace and encourage them to focus on continual improvement from customer insight and feedback.

Customer feedback reports have formed a key part of Victor's continuous monitoring of its global aircraft operator network and have been invaluable in advising clients on their most suitable flight options at the point of quotation.

Victor is the only charter broker to launch this feature as the only fully transparent jet charter marketplace. This means disclosing full operator and aircraft details upfront to the consumer at the point of quotation and before booking. Details include the tail number of the aircraft, name of the operator, as well as actual pictures of ithe nterior and exterior, all critical factors in enabling the consumer to choose the right aircraft for their trip.

Victor co-CEO Toby Edwards comments: “We believe that transparency is critical when paying for a service, and this new feature naturally builds on this value proposition. Adding a Client Preferred Operator symbol on quotes with the highest customer feedback is a smart and simple way to give our flyers even greater control, knowledge and access to on demand jet charter. We're also excited for what this means for our network of partner operators, many of whom we have been working with the best part of ten years.”

On demand jet charter presents unparalleled choice and access to fly anywhere, anytime, with 7,000 aircraft and 200 aircraft operators available via the Victor marketplace. With the new Client Preferred Operator feature, Victor continues to empower the consumer with breadth of choice whilst offering the confidence in making the right decision for them. This is invaluable community insight for those new to jet charter, whilst providing an even better experience for longstanding private flyers.

Victor has a proven track record in market-leading technology and data-driven insights to provide a better way to fly. This high-tech, high-touch and transparent approach to on demand jet charter has earned the company its place in the Sunday Times Tech Track 100 fastest growing tech companies for five consecutive years. The company introduced the first global jet charter booking app in 2015, and more recently became the market-leader on analysing and reducing carbon emissions from business aviation in line with its ambition to become the world's most environmentally responsible jet charter provider. Every Victor flight is 200% carbon offset, mandated and paid for by the company as part of its mission to set a carbon reduction benchmark for its industry.


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