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News Release

Victor continues to set sights on North America

June 25, 2020:

Victor, leading global on-demand aircraft charter company, has announced the appointment of Bobby Perez as executive vice president of North America to spearhead Victor's growth in the U.S market.

Perez has been a key player in the Victor team since the business acquired Californian based YoungJets and expanded into the U.S in 2015. As director of operations, and most recently vice president of operations, he has overseen the air travel logistics for multileg global tours for the world's biggest musicians and facilitated large capacity complex charters such as the Cannonball Run Rally to Cuba; strengthened operator relationships; led invaluable staff training in aircraft sourcing; and ran point on client management for Victor for Music, the company's dedicated division for music and entertainment tours. Perez has long-spanning specialist experience in fulfilling some of the most complex charter requirements and itineraries, formerly managing the operations for YoungJets, the company for top tier music artist tours including Rihanna's 777 tour and the Bacardi Triangle.

Bringing 14 years of industry experience in sales and operations to the role, Perez will lead Victor North America to further expansion, building on the already established and trusted Victor brand that marries high-quality client relationship management and booking transparency with industry-leading technology to facilitate a seamless and enjoyable customer journey.

Commenting on the appointment, Toby Edwards, managing director U.K. (ROW) said: “Victor North America is in a strong position to continue its upward growth trajectory post management buyout with Bobby at the helm. Bobby is an outstanding individual who is highly-respected by both the Victor team and more broadly within the industry for his professionalism and expertise in sales, operations and flight management. Having joined Victor as the head of operations following the purchase of YoungJets in 2015, Bobby has serviced Victor's key clients over the past five years, and his knowledge of the market is unparallel. There is huge potential for Victor in North America, and Bobby's experience and character perfectly complements our plan for expansion in the region.”

Perez comments: “I am thrilled be leading this team of professionals. With their tenacity and dedication, and the experience amongst us; I believe we can achieve our ambitious vision. As restrictions are lifting, we are seeing a steady increase in flights and are tracking to have the first profitable month in June since COVID-19 began. When the time is right, I am also looking forward to focusing on Victor for Music with the goal of becoming the go-to music tour and roadshow charter company, not just in North America, but worldwide.”


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