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News Release

Victor wins Positive Luxury award for CSR Campaign of the Year

February 27, 2020:

Leading global on demand jet charter marketplace Victor has won CSR Campaign of The Year at the inaugural Positive Luxury Awards for its#BeyondOffset campaign to drive private aviation through the next stage of innovation to a more sustainable future.

This is the second accolade for Victor's #BeyondOffset campaign, following its Luxury Briefing Award for Outstanding Commitment to Positive Change in October 2019.

The Positive Luxury Awards celebrate companies championing sustainability and innovation for positive change in businesses and the world. The CSR Campaign of The Year Award recognises a creative marketing communications campaign that has measurably enhanced awareness of the complex challenges and opportunities associated with sustainability in its industry and inspired action.

Private jets emit up to 20times more CO2 per passenger mile than a commercial airliner. As one of the fastest-growing jet charter companies on the planet, Victor had a duty to define and deliver a sustainability benchmark for its industry and be the leading example of accountability. Through its CEO-led initiative, #BeyondOffset, Victor is on a mission to inspire and engage the consumer and other businesses to take responsibility for their carbon footprint, challenge their industry and take steps of positive action.

In 2018, 25% of Victor's flights in Europe flew carbon neutral through the Victor/Air BP Carbon Reduction Programme for select aircraft operators. From CEO to apprentice level, it was the team's passion to do much more. Since July 2019, all global flights are 200% carbon offset as a standard. 200% carbon offsetting on flights is not only an industry-first, but a world-first initiative to which Victor has brought unrivalled transparency by detailing the exact UN REDD+ projects supported in which the carbon credits are invested.

Given its customer segment, Victor is uniquely positioned to influence the movers and shakers in business, entertainment, sports and politics. By encouraging flyers to match Victor's carbon offset contribution and 'top up' to fly 400% offset or greater, the campaign is designed to encourage a behavioural shift whereby the highest emitters start to take ownership of their carbon footprint.

Victor has a dedicated carbon offset team which closely monitors and analyses the CO2 tonnage from its flights on a monthly basis. In the first six months of the campaign, Victor has offset more than 25,000 tonnes of carbon. This is the equivalent of protecting tree cover nine times the size of Central Park, New York. Beyond this, Victor has partnered with industry bodies and biofuel providers to support the awareness and development of sustainable aviation fuels.

Diana Verde Nieto, co-founder and CEO of Positive Luxury comments, “Victor's mission to drive aviation towards a more sustainable future, engaging in nature-based carbon reduction projects, is making it a leader in the industry. Its approach to offsetting is why we are pleased to present it with the CSR Campaign of the Year Award.”

Victor managing director U.K. (ROW) Toby Edwards collected the award on behalf of the Victor team and comments on the win, “It's an honour to be recognised by Positive Luxury for our efforts to create a more sustainable future for aviation, alongside other industry pioneers of change. It's a united effort with the support of our suppliers, customers and the entire Victor team with our founder Clive Jackson as the driving force. Private jets and sustainability are not a natural pairing, and our industry has long ignored its environmental impact. Being the first to take responsibility and set a climate action benchmark was not straightforward. Significant change, however, doesn't come from your comfort zone and Victor has never been a brand to shy away from challenging the status quo. There's so much more still to be done so we must keep pushing on. Thank you for supporting us on our journey.”


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