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News Release

Elit'Avia Malta adds ARGUS Platinum rating to become one of the best-accredited aircraft management companies in industry

January 28, 2020:

Elit'Avia, a fully-integrated provider of business aircraft charter, aircraft management and related services, today announced that it has earned an ARGUS Platinum rating, through its Maltese air operator's certificate (AOC).

ARGUS performs more business aviation audits than any other organisation. Its comprehensive due diligence evaluations assess flight operations, maintenance, safety management systems (SMS) and emergency response plans. Platinum is the highest accreditation issued by ARGUS.

With the addition of ARGUS Platinum, Elit'Avia is now one of the best-accredited aircraft management companies in the world. Accreditations and other distinctions include:

- Wyvern Wingman

- IS-BAO Stage III

- FAA 'Foreign Air Carrier Permit'

- FAA 'Visa Waiver Program Signatory Carrier'

- Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore 'Foreign Operator Operations Permit'

- Transport Canada 'Foreign AOC'

- Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority 'Foreign AOC'

- UAE General Civil Aviation Authority 'Foreign Operator Commercial Permit'

- Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia 'Foreign AOC' (pending)

- According to Jetnet, Elit'Avia is the top aircraft management operator of Bombardier Global 6000s

“We are pleased to announce that Elit'Avia Malta is now ARGUS Platinum rated, making us one of the industry's best-accredited aircraft management companies,” says Michel Coulomb, CEO, Elit'Avia. “Our numerous accreditations are testament to the professionalism of our team, and our commitments to safety and industry best practices.

“In addition to demonstrating that we operate at the highest industry standards, our accreditations also benefit our clients. For example, having the FAA Visa Waiver allows us to bring non-US citizens into that country without a visa, thus eliminating a significant barrier to travel. The obvious benefits for passengers are greater efficiency and convenience. For aircraft owners operating under our Maltese AOC, this accreditation increases the value of flight hours on their aircraft.”


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