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News Release

Victor appoints David Young as managing director of North America division

October 21, 2019:

On demand jet charter marketplace Victor is delighted to announce the appointment of David Young as managing director of Victor's North America division. After successfully launching Victor's private office in California in 2015 for the entertainment industry, Young will now oversee Victor's entire US business.

Under Young's leadership is a team of 18 aviation specialists split across the company's offices in Santa Barbara, Washington D.C. and New York. Whilst continuing to direct Victor's for Music, Young will oversee sales and flight operations, business development and strategic growth across the entire US outfit.

David Young has an entrepreneurial background founding multiple start-ups combining his passion for private aviation, music and sustainable mobility, as well as invaluable experience managing some of the most high-profile and complex global private jet tours, including the historic Rihanna 777 tour on a chartered Boeing 777 and the Bacardi Triangle shuttle of 750 VIPs to a private island. After reaching vice president of entertainment at Sentient Jet Charter, David Young launched YoungJets in 2012, a private jet charter services provider for many of the world's biggest music tours and live events. After three successful years of operation, YoungJets was acquired by Victor in 2015. Prior to his career in private aviation, Young pioneered North America's first clean-fuel car service in 2004 in Los Angeles that was quickly embraced by early environmentalist celebrities including Leonardo DiCaprio and Camron Diaz. Young began his professional life handling platinum-selling artists running a music artist management firm based in Hollywood, California.

“Victor is world-renowned for setting the agenda in the highly-competitive jet charter market,” says David Young, managing director of Victor North America. “When I first met Clive Jackson and the executive team in London in 2014, we spoke of Victor's high-tech, high-touch vision and a shared passion for a more socially responsible aviation future. Now, the launch this summer of an industry-first climate action initiative with the ambition of shaping a more sustainable future across aviation is a prime example of Victor continuing to revolutionise the industry and what attracted me to work with Victor in the first place. I am excited to further drive growth, innovation and success for Victor in North America, the largest market for business aviation, and a market right for disruption via smart tech as well as environmental stewardship.”

Clive Jackson, Victor CEO and founder comments: “David Young's market expertise in North America will be key to helping us take our industry-first climate action campaign to the US. Victor is setting a bold new benchmark for climate action within the industry by recognising our environmental impact, taking ownership and initiating positive action. Working with key industry players, we want to inspire others to follow suit and have a vision that every private charter flight globally is double carbon offset.”


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