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News Release

OJets adds Bombardier Global 5000 to fleet of charter aircraft

October 1, 2019:

OJets, a privately-owned provider of comprehensive business aviation services, today announced the addition of a Bombardier Global 5000 to its fleet of charter aircraft.

OJets' all-Bombardier fleet now comprises six aircraft: four Global 6000s, a Global 5000 and a Challenger 650. As per the rest of the fleet, the Global 5000 will operate under Elit'Avia's Maltese AOC.

From its headquarters at Singapore's Seletar Airport and sales offices in Hong Kong, OJets is committed to delivering industry-defining service, tailored to the most discerning Asian and international business travellers.

“We are pleased to announce the continued growth of our fleet,” says Philippe Crevier, senior EVP, OJets. “Our Bombardier business aircraft provide the ease and comfort of intercontinental access and the finest luxuries, including dedicated workspaces and lavishly appointed sleeping configurations. Adding our latest Global to Elit'Avia's Maltese AOC continues to leverage the proven success of our indirect carrier business model. With more aircraft in service, we have the opportunity to extend our unique brand of excellence, luxury and convenience to more discerning travellers worldwide.”


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