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News Release

Appointment of new managing director at Medavia

August 28, 2019:

Mr. Mohamed Dau has been appointed as the new managing director at Mediterranean Aviation Co. Ltd., better known as Medavia. This appointment came into effect on 24th July 2019.

Mr. Dau succeeds Mr. Rammah Ettir who has led the company over the past five years and steered it through continued growth in all areas of operation, primarily the aircraft charter business and ground handling as well as the MRO business. This area of business registered the biggest growth for the company, achieving added aircraft approvals for the MRO and widening the customer base.

Incoming managing director, Mohamed Dau brings valuable aviation experience to Medavia from his previous appointments at Emirates, Qatar Airways and Libyan Airlines as well as the Libyan Civil Aviation Authority. Asked for comments and his vision for the future of Medavia, Mr Dau stated that it was an honour for him to take over the reins of the company. He would work hard to ensure that what had been achieved over the past years would be well consolidated and enhanced.

Mr Dau explained that that he would be working hard for Medavia to ensure continued growth for all the business sectors of the company. Mr Dau holds a Bachelor Degree in Accountancy from Tripoli University and a Master’s Degree in Marketing from University of Nottingham.


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