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News Release

Elit'Avia implements Osprey Flight Solutions risk assessment system

July 9, 2019:

Elit'Avia, a fully-integrated provider of business aircraft charter, management and operations services, today announced the implementation of Osprey Flight Solutions, a provider of proprietary data-led risk assessment software systems.

The Osprey system merges latest-generation technologies with expert human analysis to provide instant access to information on the global aviation security environment. Data is gathered from more than 200,000 open sources in 60 different languages and analyzed by artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify risk areas along flight paths. System-generated data is reviewed by analysts. All reports and alerts are edited and approved by human experts. Sources include social media platforms, major international and local news media publications, national aviation authorities, law enforcement, government departments, industry organisations, special interest groups with a focus on aviation, think tanks and third party intelligence providers.

“We are very pleased to announce the implementation of Osprey Flight Solutions,” says Michel Coulomb, CEO, Elit'Avia. “By integrating sophisticated risk assessment into our flight planning, we are providing a safer environment for our passengers and crews. Furthermore, risk assessment optimizes flight planning and increases overall operational efficiency. Our investment in risk assessment underscores our commitments to safety, operational excellence and technological innovation.”


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