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News Release

OJets adds four aircraft to fleet

October 16, 2018:

OJets, a new integrated provider of comprehensive business aviation services, is on track with its growth expansion plan with the addition of four Bombardier Global aircraft, taking the company’s fleet from its initial two aircraft to seven in a span of seven months since its launch in April this year.

“We are delighted with the growth of OJets since the launch in April this year,” said Phil Mulacek, chairman of OJets. “We have a strong financial position, and this will allow us to continue to grow our fleet of state-of-the-art aircraft to deliver the pinnacle experience for the aviation industry to our elite clientele.”

With the addition of three Bombardier Global 6000s and one Bombardier Global 5000 to be available in the near future, OJets’ fleet now includes five Global 6000s, one Global 5000 and one Challenger 650. OJets’ charter fleet is operated by Elit'Avia Malta Limited under a Maltese AOC.

OJets' unique “floating fleet” business model provides higher value by permitting point to point pricing, allowing travellers to enjoy more flexible usage with one-way charters worldwide, including trans-Pacific.

OJets is committed to delivering a truly bespoke service tailored to the most discerning international travellers within Asia and worldwide. On board, OJets aircrafts are outfitted with modern conveniences and the finest luxuries, from the world’s fastest in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity to dedicated workspaces and luxurious sleeping configurations.


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