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News Release

Desert Jet continues expansion of leadership team following record growth

May 16, 2018:

Leading business aviation services company Desert Jet experienced an unprecedented year-over-year growth across its companies in 2017, culminating in a 100% revenue increase. That growth trend has continued through the first quarter of 2018 with Desert Jet strengthening its infrastructure and adding industry experts to its leadership team to support further business development.

Following the record growth of the company's on-demand charter services, including a 40 percent increase in charter flight hours and 62 percent increase in charter revenue in 2017, Desert Jet has created a new position of chief operating officer and appointed Toby Benenson to the role.

As the new chief operating officer, Toby is principally accountable for the overall strategic direction and leadership of Desert Jet's internal and external processes. Formerly the director, mission control for another charter operator, Toby's expertise to optimize productivity and performance will be an integral part of Desert Jet's future growth strategy.

Art Dawley was hired as vice president of operations to support Desert Jet's planned 2018 expansion into global aircraft operations. Art, formerly the chief executive officer at Wyvern Consulting, brings more than 25 years of aviation experience to his role.

Industry veteran Joe Madrid has been hired as Desert Jet's director of charter sales to support the company's client-centric focus and commitment to providing industry-leading personalized service.

“We are thrilled to welcome Toby, Art and Joe to our team,” said Denise Wilson, president and CEO of Desert Jet. “This team represents the solid bench strength that will take us to the next level in execution of our vision to be a “small giant” in the aviation industry.”

Significant additional hiring is expected to continue as Desert Jet plans to hire an additional 15 team members in 2018. To support the demand in hiring only the best talent, a new talent and culture coordinator position has been created. Kristin Gilliam, formerly serving in the position of director of charter sales, has been promoted to the new position.


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