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News Release

Mountain Flyers 80 acquires Heli-West AG

April 3, 2018:

Mountain Flyers 80 Ltd. is pleased to announce that it has taken over Heli-West AG based at Grenchen Airport.

With the acquisition, the Bern airport based operator is pleased to be able to expand its range of services and strengthen its presence in the Swiss Mittelland. Grenchen Airport offers an ideal infrastructure for sightseeing flights and especially for pilot training.

Along with the base of Heli-West, Mountain Flyers also takes over its Airbus Helicopters EC120B HB-ZGQ. The five-seater turbine helicopter fits well into Mountain Flyers' fleet, which consists of single engine helicopter types from Robinson and Airbus Helicopters and larger Airbus AS350 and H125 models.

A Robinson R22 Beta II, which is used for trial flights and pilot training, will soon be added to the Heli-West base at Grenchen Airport. The former Heli-West employees in administration and flight, Seline Arbenz and Rolf Frutschi, will continue to work for Heli-West.

Heli-West's base was completely renovated in 2010. This includes three hangar spaces and offices on two floors including briefing rooms and a theory room.

From now on, the organisation of flight operations in Grenchen will mainly be handled by the Mountain Flyers office at Berne Airport. The sightseeing flights offered by Heli-West AG can be found on the Mountain Flyers website. The e-mail address abd telephone number 032 652 75 18 of Heli-West remain in operation.


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