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News Release

Hi Fly's A330 is painted with one dark blue side symbolizing a polluted ocean and one light blue side representing a clean ocean.

Hi Fly spreads "Turn the Tide on Plastic" message around the world

January 11, 2018:

The message of sustainability and protection of the seas carried by the “Turn the Tide on Plastic” boat in the 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race is flying high with Portuguese operator Hi Fly. Its Airbus A330, which has been painted in the same livery of the boat, has already been across the five continents spreading the word around the globe.

For the past three months, the aircraft has already been to more than 20 destinations, landing in the largest country in the world, Russia as well as in small paradisiac islands such as Jamaica and Tahiti. It has been it a number of European destinations in the UK, Belgium, Portugal and Spain; African countries such as Nigeria, Guinea and Congo and the biggest nations in the American continent: USA, Canada and Brazil. The themed aircraft has also been in countries such as India and China where plastic contamination and pollution in general are, in fact, a huge concern. The most recent destinations visited by the aircraft were Australia and New Zealand where coincidently the Turn the Tide on Plastic boat is heading soon.

With this initiative, Hi Fly is raising awareness for an unprecedented campaign to eliminate marine litter and plastic in particular supporting the United Nations Environment's Clean Seas campaign. The aircraft is painted with a strong two-sided statement: one dark blue side symbolizing a “polluted” ocean, and one light blue side representing a “clean” ocean. The Turn the Tide on Plastic aircraft will continue to operate worldwide while the boat crosses the five oceans, amplifying the message and the reach of the campaign in both the seas and the skies.

Hi Fly is an EU OPS carrier specialized in wet lease that is FAA approved, EASA and IOSA certified. Hi Fly operates a large fleet of Airbus A330s and A340s, exclusively available for wet lease worldwide. Wet leasing, the supply of aircraft with crew, maintenance and insurance, is Hi Fly's core business, and has been developed with unmatched operational expertise over a decade of experience.


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