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News Release

ACS chartered a Falcon 20 to transport two new arms for the Incredible Hulk statue at Universal Orlando.

ACS ensures popular rollercoaster re-opens swiftly following hurricane

October 26, 2017:

Following Hurricane Irma's devastating destruction of parts of the Caribbean and Florida last month leading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, was involved in an unusual 'relief' effort when the company was tasked with flying the a new pair of arms into Miami for the Incredible Hulk.

Richard Thompson, president of ACS Americas, explains: “We had evacuated hundreds of people prior to Hurricane Irma hitting, and have arranged many relief flights with goods such as shelter kits, water bottles and ration packs for the victims left homeless by it since, but this charter was a little different.

“At Universal Orlando one of the most popular rides is The Incredible Hulk Coaster. At the entrance to the ride there is a huge statue of Hulk holding one of the rollercoaster's cars aloft, the arms of which Hurricane Irma managed to rip off. In order to reopen the ride as soon as possible, we were asked to charter an aircraft from Milwaukee, where the arms could be manufactured, to Orlando. We sourced a Falcon 20 aircraft to carry the two crates (one per arm) that were almost two metres long and weighed 180 kgs each.

“We often get weird and wonderful charter requests, but not usually in the wake of a disaster, such as a hurricane!”


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