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News Release

JetSuite adds first Phenom 300 to light jet fleet

October 10, 2017:

JetSuite, Inc., one of the nation's leading private aviation companies, announced today at NBAA's Business Conference & Exhibition that it has expanded its fleet with the first of several Embraer Phenom 300s. The company took delivery of its first Phenom 300 in late September, and expects to begin flying this extremely popular aircraft as part of its charter service in mid-October.

“We began a remarkably successful relationship with Embraer products years ago when we were a launch partner for the Phenom 100, we've since added Embraer 135s and a Legacy 650, and now we're excited to continue adding Embraer products by adding the first Phenom 300 to our fleet,” said Alex Wilcox, CEO of JetSuite. “We will continue adding Phenom 300s to our portfolio, both on our own and through our aircraft management program, which we debuted earlier this year. The Phenom 300 represents another reliable, comfortable and efficiently operated light jet option for our clients' aviation needs.”

The Phenom 300 has been the world's best-selling business jet for the last four years running. It features enhanced cabin space, speed and range, as compared to JetSuite's current fleet of Phenom 100s and Citation Jet3s. It will debut as part of the company's SuiteKey membership program flights, for those traveling with parties of up to seven, and will initially be priced and offered interchangeably with the CJ3s.

The debut of the Phenom 300 in the JetSuite fleet comes on the heels of the company creating and announcing its aircraft management program, to help answer strong demand in its charter flights and growth in the SuiteKey membership program. This multi-tiered aircraft management offering features several options that offer aircraft owners, either companies or individuals, substantial reductions in the cost of operating their planes.


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