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News Release

Per Marthinsson, executive vice president, Avinode Americas.

US charter market is growing strongly, says Avinode

October 10, 2017:

The US business aviation charter market is growing impressively, according to new figures from Avinode (NBAA Booth C10018), the world's leading online marketplace for buying and selling air charter.

Requests for US departures through the Avinode Marketplace rose by around 54% for the period January-August 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, from 428,585 to 660,450. Showing almost identical percentage growth, requests for arrivals into US airports through the Avinode Marketplace grew by around 53% for the period January-August 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, from 396,806 to 607,606.

New York/New Jersey's Teterboro Airport, an established giant of business aviation, leads the way as the most requested US airport destination through Avinode over the past 12 months. The most requested domestic US route, through the Avinode Marketplace in the last 12 months, was from Los Angeles Van Nuys to Las Vegas McCarran, host city of NBAA's Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition 2017.

The most requested aircraft category for departures from US airports, from January 2016 to August 2017 inclusive, is a light jet (293,320 requests on the Avinode Marketplace), followed by a mid-size jet (245,423 requests).

Per Marthinsson, executive vice president, Avinode Americas, says: “Not only is the demand for US business aviation flights increasing but we are also seeing growing numbers of North American Avinode members sourcing flights directly through the Avinode Marketplace rather than using a telephone. We're delighted our constant improvements to the system are being appreciated and used. Brokers and operators are clearly noting the ever-increasing efficiency of the Marketplace and over 30% of operators are now quoting back within 45 minutes of a request being submitted. The telephone is no longer the only way to complete a flight booking quickly. Put simply, North American brokers are now very comfortable communicating with operators through the online Marketplace. This trend is set to continue. As traffic volumes grow, all members of the industry will want the most efficient means of processing requests.”


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