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News Release

SimpleCharters announces acceptance of payment via Bitcoin

August 2, 2017:

SimpleCharters today announced that the platform now accepts payment using Bitcoin, the popular cryptocurrency first released in 2009. Bitcoin is the leading decentralized peer-to-peer currency.

“We see the use of bitcoin, and the desire of some clients to use bitcoin for their private charter payments, as a natural, technological growth in the private air charter marketplace” said Charles Denault III, founder and CEO of SimpleCharters. “Bitcoin is independent of all national boundaries and easily transferred. It is what many of our more tech-savvy clients have expressed a desire to transact with.”

Bitcoin is accepted across 100,000 merchants in both online and physical locations around the world. The total market cap of Bitcoin is currently well in excess of $40bn, with unprecedented growth over the first half of 2017 signaling a growing mainstream adoption by both individuals and institutional investors.

Through SimpleCharters' website, clients can simply specify their itinerary, select the ideal aircraft for their trip, and purchase the charter flight. If Bitcoin is chosen as the payment method, the exact amount of BTC is displayed, and instant verification occurs upon successful funds transfer.

“Using bitcoin to book your flight is now a first-class experience, and we're pleased to expand our existing credit card and wire payment methods,” Denault said. “Support of cutting-edge payment methods aligns with our goal of advancing the industry, raising the transparency expectations, and elevating the experience to rival fractional-ownership.”

SimpleCharters continues to lead the industry with advancements in technology and is fully committed to adopting cutting-edge technologies that benefit its diverse group of clients and partner network.


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