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News Release

KlasJet has already signed a charter agreement with BC Kauno Zalgiris who will use the B737 to travel to their Euroleague basketball games in the autumn.

KlasJet adds Boeing 737 business jet to fleet

July 11, 2017:

European business aviation company KlasJet has supplemented its fleet with a Boeing 737, its first narrow-body business aircraft. Newly modified and furnished to meet the demands of sports teams, large business traveller groups and government officials, the new business jet has been already delivered to KlasJet by AviaAM Leasing.

The Boeing 737 business jet is equipped with 56 business class leather seats with legroom of over one metre. Previously owned and operated by US operator Continental Airlines on commercial flights, the aircraft has undergone major modification to meet the highest standards of business aviation. The works, conducted by and international MRO provider FL Technics involved seat refurbishment, the installment of luxurious livery, white cold lighting, the introduction of LOPA, new carpet covers and a number of other interior as well as exterior design changes.

“This business jet will be one-of-a-kind in Eastern Europe and is already gaining attention from our current customers as well as new potential clients. Having the ability to avoid long queues at the airport and sometimes tiresome attention from the fans is very much valued by sports teams. Let alone the legroom to save as much energy as possible for future wins,” explains Vitalij Kapitonov, CEO of KlasJet. “The same goes for music bands, entertainment groups and business travelers; comfort and convenience is undeniable.”

KlasJet has already signed a charter agreement with one of the Euroleague teams, BC Kauno Zalgiris. The team will use the aircraft to travel to their away Euroleague games at the beginning of the autumn. For now, at least 15 road matches are planned for the upcoming season. Along with BC Kauno Zalgiris, the aircraft has attracted the attention of other major sports teams and businesses in the region. KlasJet plans to enlarge its list of clientele for the Boeing 737 in the near future.

“The diaspora of our clientele is extensive: some require light, mid-size, others demand for large business jets. The Boeing 737 is currently the largest aircraft on our fleet and allows us to fulfill growing demand for aircraft suitable for large groups of people. Within the next year, we plan to complement our fleet with two additional aircraft of this type,” adds V. Kapitonov.

KlasJet is a member of Avia Solutions Group family, an international, publicly traded aviation holding company with over 20 subsidiaries worldwide.


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