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News Release

Jordan Hinsch, director of private jets, Air Charter Service Florida.

Jordan Hinsch announced as new head of private jets for ACS Florida

June 21, 2017:

Leading private jet provider, Air Charter Service, has appointed Jordan Hinsch as director of private jets in the company's Florida office.

The office, located in Miami, has enjoyed a fruitful first two years of operation and is rapidly expanding, moving to larger offices late last year. Joel Fenn, managing director of the office comments: “We are delighted to welcome Jordan to our team. He has consistently shown great dedication since he joined our New York office seven years ago and his leadership skills have made him one of the most respected and successful private jet specialists in the company. His experience will bring huge value and experience to our Miami team and help us to expand and grow to the next level.

“Florida and the southern States are key markets and we are looking to invest further in the region. Charter numbers in the Miami office grew 65% in 2016 and we are on course to complete our aim of doubling in size this year. Our worldwide policy of training and developing young aviation professionals, creating more jobs in the region and then placing them alongside our more experienced staff has paid dividends in all of our other 19 offices."

Hinsch added: “I already have several very good clients in the region and moving nearer to them is the next natural step for me. The growth in the private jet market in the region is really exciting and I'm delighted to be here.”

Hinsch started his role on May 1st.


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