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News Release

Avinode’s new search facility boosts brokers’ sales potential

May 22, 2017:

Avinode, the world’s leading online marketplace for buying and selling air charter, is launching an entirely new ‘search’ that allows charter brokers to source aircraft twice as quickly, improving their customer service and increasing their sales potential.

By changing how results data is handled by the Marketplace search tool, Avinode has reduced the user’s workload and the overall time needed to source aircraft. The initial search screen has been radically simplified, replacing multiple tick boxes in favour of four simple fields for date, origin, destination and passenger numbers. Once the first search results have been generated, users can immediately refine the list of aircraft using simple in-page filter buttons, as well as ‘slider’ tools to set ranges for popular criteria such as aircraft age and refurbishment year.

All key aircraft details, including photography, are now presented within the main search results screen, alongside Avinode’s statistics for the operator’s response rate to enquiries and average response time. This information-rich overview makes it easier than ever for brokers to see at a glance which aircraft and operators best meet their needs.

Annika Abraham, managing director EMEAA, Avinode, says: “In this intensively competitive market, brokers have to be highly responsive and efficient in meeting clients’ demands. As speed is so imperative, we’ve completely redesigned search to deliver the best results with the minimum effort. The world’s largest aircraft sourcing platform has never been simpler to use, with brokers able to search more than 3,400 aircraft in the Marketplace quickly, precisely and intuitively.”

In designing, building and testing the new search feature, Avinode engineers used agile development methodology to respond immediately to feedback from 50 members involved in the beta phase. This resulted in a better end product achieved on schedule.

Abraham continues: “Most Avinode members will modify an aircraft search several times before getting the results they need. With our more efficient search tool, they will save many valuable minutes in arriving at a final shortlist, which can make the difference between securing or losing a booking. At the same time, the smoother workflow helps deliver the best results by allowing the user’s search and thought process to continue uninterrupted.”

To experience the speed of Avinode’s new Marketplace search, visit the company at EBACE, stand number F70.


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