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News Release

A Challenger 300 is one of the recent additions to Comair Flight Services' fleet.

Comair Flight Services expands managed and charter fleet with seven new aircraft

May 12, 2017:

Comair Flight Services has expanded its managed and charter fleet with the addition of seven aircraft earlier this month. These include one Bombardier Challenger 300, one Beechcraft King Air C90 GTx, one Beechcraft 1900D, three PC12s and one Cessna C208 Caravan.

Justin Reeves, CEO Comair Flight Services, says: “We are delighted to add these aircraft to our managed and charter fleets. Aircraft owners are showing a high level of interest in our aircraft management service, and we expect to add more aircraft to our managed fleet very soon. This growth is a true testament to our high levels of customer service, safety and quality.”

“Aircraft management and charter are core components of our total business aviation solution and CFS is rapidly becoming recognised as experts in these fields”, continues Reeves.

The new aircraft boosts CFS' charter fleet to 22 aircraft. The versitility of the fleet, made up of six jets and 16 turboprops, offers customers a wider range of travel options and increase the level of flexibility the company can offer them.

Comair Flight Services' aircraft management services allow the owner all the benefits of aircraft ownership, but with none of the time-consuming management responsibilities involved in aircraft operations.


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