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News Release

Web-driven air charter sales take off: Runway by SimpleCharters gets charter clients to book and purchase online

January 17, 2017:

Runway by SimpleCharters puts any air charter operator's website into the modern world of online shopping with the ability for instant, on-demand purchase of private air charter flights.

“Runway by SimpleCharters eliminates the friction web visitors experience purchasing air charter,” said Charles Denault III, CEO of SimpleCharters. “Everyone allows website visitors to receive a quick quote, which is not what they want. Clients want to see what's available and make a purchase. Further, most of these 'get a quote' functions are nothing more than lead generators as the user takes time to complete these long forms that ultimately result in getting called by a sales representative to actually book the charter.”

Runway by SimpleCharters is an advanced embeddable javascript application. It is available at no cost. It ensures every user that sees it, whether on a PC, on a tablet, or on a phone, will be able to use it. It is 100% responsive to any screen size, orientation, and resolution. It is entirely self-contained and will not interfere with any other functions on a web page.

“We have complex systems running 24/7 getting position reports from every aircraft in the sky, every few seconds,” Denault continued. “We have data feeds linking into our partner operators to determine where all of their aircraft will be, enabling our users to book flights in confidence. And our platform has now generated well over 1.4 million prices, all displayed to the user in seconds.”

Runway by SimpleCharters is available by invitation at

Runway by SimpleCharters works on any website as well as on any device or platform. The process to embed Runway by SimpleCharters is very straightforward. Operators can embed the search box on their website and their customers will enjoy a rich, modern web experience as they enter their itinerary.


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