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News Release

Avinode Trip Manager transforms charter brokers' workflow to help increase sales performance

January 16, 2017:

Avinode, the world's leading online marketplace for buying and selling air charter, is launching a suite of new features for its sales management system, Trip Manager, which enables charter brokers to increase their sales performance. Trip Manager is specifically designed for charter brokers, allowing them to increase conversion rates, create quotes faster and stay in control by having all data in one place.

Using Trip Manager, brokers can analyze the travel habits of their customers and quickly identify those who are more likely to book based on their quote history, spend and previous trip requests. The new customer database links all company contacts and their preferences, which enables the broker to offer a customized proposal and minimize mistakes. A customizable calendar lets brokers view all trip details on a map and sync to their desktop or mobile device calendar. Trip Manager makes it easy for brokers to deliver custom branded quotes with all the relevant information for the customer to book the trip.

Oliver King, managing director, Avinode, says: “Trip Manager is a game-changer for brokers; they can focus on the right deals to increase their conversion rate and be more successful. There is no other system in our industry which is tailor-made for brokers and our investment in this product sets the standard for how brokers can and will succeed in the industry going forward.

“Trip Manager is fully integrated with the Avinode Marketplace, giving brokers access to 3,200 aircraft available for flight sourcing. Trip Manager automates repetitive tasks, helping free up time for brokers so they can deliver better service to their customers. There has been much discussion about the future for brokers in the industry, but at Avinode we believe that brokers will continue to play a vital role for HNWIs and others with complex travel needs. With the changing pace of technology, brokers need to be able to keep up with the expectation of their customers and Avinode is working hard to make that happen.”

To learn more about Avinode's Trip Manager visit, or meet the Avinode team for a demo at NBAA SDC 2017, ABACE 2017 and EBACE 2017.


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