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News Release

European Air Ambulance's fourth Learjet 45XR is welcomed to Luxembourg Airport.

European Air Ambulance welcomes new aircraft for energetic start to New Year

December 21, 2016:

European Air Ambulance has welcomed the fourth Learjet 45XR to its fleed of dedicated air ambulance aircraft.

The latest arrival means that four out of the five-strong EAA fleet based at the company's state-of-the-art Luxembourg Airport headquarters are now 45XRs, fully equipped for take-off on life-saving medical missions worldwide.

The flexibility, technical superiority and added capacity offered by the newer aircraft make them ideal for EAA's needs as one of the largest specialised air ambulance service providers in Europe, offering worldwide repatriation 24/7/365.

EAA, which was last month named ITIJ Air Ambulance Provider of the Year for 2016, has added the new aircraft as part of a rolling programme of renewal that had already seen three Learjet 35As replaced with 45XRs.

Director of sales and marketing, Patrick Schomaker said: “Every patient's situation and needs are unique, meaning no two missions are the same. But EAA's harmonised and modernised fleet means our clients can rely on an exceptional service and standard of care every time, regardless of wherever, whenever and for whatever reason a patient needs to be transported.”

The larger cabin size of the 45XR allows far greater flexibility in the onboard medical set-up, with room for two patients, or additional passengers, medical crew and equipment as required.

Configuration options mean EAA can simultaneously and more cost-effectively transport two intensive care patients, or an incubator and a mother on a stretcher, or a single patient with their family of up to four passengers, as well as other options depending on the specific requirements of the mission, including use of its groundbreaking infectious disease module and unique stretcher system for heavier weight patients.

Shorter take-off and landing distances mean better accessibility to smaller or remote airfields, reducing ground transportation time for patients. Loading is easier and safer, and onboard comfort is greater for patient, passengers and medical crew alike.

Compared with the aircraft it replaced, the 45XR is faster, can take off with a higher fuel capacity thereby reducing the need for refuelling stops, and can refuel in half the time, while satellite phones allow contact with EAA's mission control anywhere in the world, and an improved windshield defogging system means flights to and from hot, humid areas are less challenging.

Schomaker added: “We are delighted to take delivery of the new LJ45XR (registration LX-RSQ), following the sale of our fourth LJ35A (registration LX-LAR) to an Australian company last month. This is the latest step in our ongoing strategy to increase capacity and service flexibility.

“The upgrade brings many advantages to our operations, and most importanly to the service we can provide our clients and the patients in our care.

“All of our aircraft are dedicated to medical flights and are in effect in-transit hospitals, offering a level of service and medical care that is simply not possible on commercial charter transfers for patients.”

EAA will be looking to upgrade its remaining LJ35A (registration LX-TWO) early in 2017. A buyer is currently being sought, with interested parties invited to contact Patrick Schomaker at


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