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News Release

Air Charter Service arranged for a CRJ-100 to be fully branded with a fish adorning the length of its fuselage.

Flying Fish takes to the air with Air Charter Service

December 21, 2016:

Last week the South Africa office of leading aircraft charter specialist, Air Charter Service, helped leading beer brand Flying Fish in a special promotion for one of its range of flavoured beers.

On the promotional trip a group of lucky passengers boarded a private jet from Johannesburg to Cape Town. On board to were mixologists making cocktails and the famous local DJs Roger Goode, Euphonik and DJ Switch. Air Charter Service arranged for the aircraft, a CRJ-100, to be fully branded, with a fish adorning the length of the fuselage.

After touching down in Cape Town the party continued as the group made its way to the harbour area to board a 76 feet catamaran. After partying hard all day they returned to the airport to fly back to Johannesburg.

Lyndee du Toit, managing director of ACS South Africa, commented: “The aircraft looked great! And it was a fantastic day out for those who were lucky enough to be on board.”


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