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News Release

Chapman Freeborn announces appointment of new US president

October 14, 2014:

Chapman Freeborn Airchartering is delighted to announce the promotion of Darren Banham to the position of president of its US business.

Banham, who has been with Chapman Freeborn since 2001 and also holds the position of global commercial director, will oversee the management and strategic growth of the company's passenger and cargo chartering activities in North America and Latin America.

He brings nearly 15 years of aviation experience to the Fort Lauderdale-headquartered firm, which has a further office in Houston and a global network of over 30 locations worldwide.

In the new role he will lead a team of multilingual aircraft charter specialists which includes American, Brazilian, British, Canadian, Colombian, Dominican, Ecuadorian, Mexican, Puerto Rican and Trinidadian colleagues.

Russi Batliwala, chief executive officer said: “Leading the Americas region for us is paramount and Darren's priorities will involve the aggressive and strategic growth of the business into new markets, develop new business in new industries, strengthen corporate relationships with suppliers and build new business alliances to capture the region's air charter demand for tailor-made charter flights. Getting involved in executive programs will shorten the gap between management layers to the most valuable sources of our business, our clients and our suppliers.”

Darren Banham commented: “New changes drive new challenges to make a statement in the market. Widening our sales net will require us, Chapman Freeborn as a team, to improve on business efficiencies and maintain our outstanding customer service relationship which is what we are recognised for. Value for money for the right solution in the market place today is key. This coupled with operational and logistical support is what keeps us as the leader in our field.”

Darren Banham has been an employee of the Chapman Freeborn group since October 2001 holding the position of global commercial director since 2004.

His responsibility in his new capacity in the USA is to manage, oversee, structure and strategically grow all charter products for the company in addition to creating new initiatives to develop and grow new and existing business.

After many years of hands-on broking, which successes include the contracting, aircraft supply and management of the worldwide Olympic Torch Relay in 2004 and the five year Falkland Islands Airbridge contract for the UK Ministry of Defence, he moved into a global strategy and business management role which includes advising the board of directors on growth suggestions for the commercial product itself then undertaking the task recommended.


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