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April 2019
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Stress-free Vipcations will ensure guests stay Jung

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Croatian operator Jung Sky is introducing Vipcation, a service that will transport clients from Rome or Berlin straight to the city of Dubrovnik in Croatia by private jet. The package also includes a VIP limo transfer from the airport to one of Dubrovnik's five-star hotels where they will enjoy a seven-night stay, also provided by Jung Sky and their Vipcation arrangement.

The operator's aim is for their guests to experience the most exclusive, most individual and least stressful summer holiday.

“We are very excited about Vipcation because we know how important and meaningful summer vacations are for everyone,” states CEO Kresimir Jung. “But at the same time, it's almost impossible to start enjoying your vacation without dealing with some stressful situations first. With Vipcation, we want to help people kick-off their 'vacation mode' the very minute they leave their workplace. Then, the magic starts.

“We have been operating flights by private jet for 10 years now and our business is well-recognised all over Europe, but Vipcation has been our hidden desire for a long time. We are very proud of it and, although it is currently associated with Dubrovnik, Rome and Berlin, who knows where it could take us in the future.”

Jung Sky was founded 10 years ago in Zagreb and has performed thousands of flights throughout this 10-year period. In 2018 it achieved a 13 per cent income increase in comparison to the year before, a 48 per cent increase when compared to 2016; 90 per cent of its customer base is located outside of Croatia.


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