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April 2019
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Helipass reaches half century partnership landmark

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French booking platform Helipass has now partnered with 50 helicopter companies and represents more than 560 helicopters worldwide. The company is adding to this volume each month and aspires to create a stronger offering for sightseeing tours, airport transfers and charter flights.

“With Helipass we are democratising the use of helicopters through the leisure and business markets. Through our platform, helicopters have become affordable, with prices starting at €85 for a seat. We have now attracted more than 30,000 passengers,” says founder Frederic Aguettant.

By helping companies to boost their sales with an easy booking solution, Helipass is aiming to integrate helicopter business worldwide. It is targetting the sightseeing sector, a good entry point for clients looking to try helicopter travel for the first time, and then airport transfers such as to and from Nice and Monaco, or between New York airports and downtown Manhattan. The goal is to create good opportunities for charter and the company feels that helicopters are the right tool for small commuter rides as they offer a cheap and fast share solution.

Helipass is also testing new market acquisitions. It has seen success with its launch of Ubercopter in the south of France and is now being distributed via Chinese and American marketplaces.


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