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April 2019
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Trilogy Aviation Group partners with CAN charity

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Texan charter brokerage Trilogy Aviation Group has partnered with the US charitable organisation Corporate Angel Network (CAN) to provide free empty leg flights to cancer patients who need to travel for treatment. In addition, the group will give its clients the option to allow cancer patients to join them on their flights.

CAN’s mission to facilitate access to treatment through the use of business jets aligns with Trilogy Aviation's mission of bringing value to their clients by providing a private jet charter experience that involves much more than just the flight.

“We are excited about joining many other companies in supporting Corporate Angel Network,” says Trilogy Aviation Group CEO Thomas Nelson. “By partnering with them we are utilising the inventory of private jet empty legs to help patients in need. Cancer has directly affected many people close to me, so when the opportunity came up to make a difference, the decision to partner was easy.”

Trilogy Aviation Group is a leading on-demand private jet charter company based out of Fort Worth. It also provides aircraft acquisition and management consulting services.


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