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April 2019
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Luxaviation Helicopters Charter Alliance to unlock more regions

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Luxaviation Helicopters, part of the Luxaviation Group, is launching a global helicopter charter partnership.

The Luxaviation Helicopters Charter Alliance (LHCA) is set to connect VIP helicopter charter operators around the world, opening up new destinations and opportunities for operators, brokers and clients while streamlining international charter booking procedures.

Luxaviation Helicopters is launching the alliance with US-based HeliFlite, Austria-based HeliAustria, France-based Azur Hélicoptère, Philippines-based PhilJets and UK-based Starspeed. Combined, the alliance gives brokers and clients access to 70 luxury VIP helicopters globally, including ExecuJet's fleet of helicopters based in Mexico and South Africa.

All alliance members must undergo an approval process to ensure they meet Luxaviation Helicopters' standards in safety management. All members will also benefit from the company's shared practices in industry certifications, efficiencies and customer service.

CEO Charlotte Pedersen comments: “Since launching Luxaviation Helicopters in 2017, we have always looked for ways to partner and work with operators in different regions to provide a truly global service. The launch of the LHCA takes this a step further, as approved members can call upon each other to unlock more of the world's regions and open them up to their clients.

“We are extremely excited to build on and develop the LHCA, which provides clients with assurance and confidence in safety standards. We look forward to welcoming more like-minded operators who have a commitment to quality and safety, and we are already speaking to other operators that we hope to confirm soon.”

HeliFlite CEO Kurt Carlson adds: “We initially partnered with Luxaviation Helicopters at EBACE in 2018 and have enjoyed a fantastic relationship since then, significantly boosting our profile in Europe. We are delighted to be members of the mutually beneficial LHCA because it enables us to act as the worldwide aviation solution for our clients.

“We pride ourselves on our Wyvern Wingman and ARGUS Platinum safety ratings, the highest in the industry, and being part of the alliance will enable us to recommend similarly esteemed operators in other regions to our clients. We are excited to see the alliance develop as more and more global operators come on board, which will lead to a more streamlined and seamless service.”

The south of France is a very popular region for helicopter charter, and CEO of Azur Hélicoptère Michel de Rohozinski says that the alliance is a great solution: “We are thrilled to offer our valued clients the opportunity to access assured and reliable rotorcraft connections in other parts of the world. We look forward to working with our global partners to develop our client service, operational support and future business developments, as part of the Luxaviation Helicopters Charter Alliance,” he concludes.


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