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April 2019
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Australian broker celebrates 30 years

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Established in 1989, air charter procurement and management specialist Independent Aviation has grown from a small professional company with two partners in 2000 to a multifaceted operation now supporting 14 staff with a 24/7 flight desk and a database of qualified suppliers. According to managing director Ian Button, who has been at the company for more than a decade, the secret of the company's success lies in its specialist knowledge of the whole region. “As the oldest brokerage down under we have built up considerable expertise in the unusual aviation environment throughout Australasia and the South Pacific,” he says. “Our customers recognise us as the specialists in remote destinations throughout the country, living by our motto ‘we can get you any aircraft to go anywhere'.”

Independent Aviation’s core business is the provision of charter services to remote regions of Australia in both fixed wing and rotary aircraft. Every day it arranges charters all over the country for customers as diverse as the resource and tourism industries, state and federal government departments and major corporations. It manages missions for Border Force and the Department of Defence and, in 2010, was appointed air charter provider for the whole of Queensland Government, providing services for remote community support, urgent freight shipments, organ transfers and disaster response.

Button adds: “With all this experience behind us and a steadily growing reputation for excellent service, the team at Independent Aviation is looking forward to continuing to expand its expertise in the years to come.”


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