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April 2019
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Wheels Up to Connect first-timers with business aviation

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Membership-based private aviation company Wheels Up has launched Wheels Up Connect, its third membership option after Wheels Up Core and Wheels Up Business. Wheels Up Connect membership is tailored to customers looking to make their first foray into private aviation, or who are looking to complement their current flight solutions.

Connect members will receive unlimited access to proposed Wheels Up Shared Flights, charter flight options on safety-vetted and verified aircraft through the company's charter marketplace, and limited Wheels Up Hot Flights, one-way, empty-leg flights that are posted daily for members. Connect membership is priced at an initial $2,995 with annual dues of $2,495.

“We're excited to make flying private accessible to more people through our Connect membership,” says founder and CEO Kenny Dichter. “The goal is to leverage our proprietary technology to make it as easy to book a private airplane as it is to book an Uber or Airbnb.”

Launched in 2013, Wheels Up now has 5,000 members who have access to a members-only fleet of close to 100 aircraft and a network of more than 1,000 Wheels Up safety-vetted and verified off-fleet aircraft.


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