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April 2019
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Vertis opens US office and gains ARGUS broker certification

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Swiss charter broker Vertis Aviation has opened its first US office in Boston, Massachusetts, to be headed up by general manager Robert Coleman who will be responsible for promoting Vertis' services across the Americas.

One of its services that it is is keen to roll out in the region is its Vertis Charter Management Programme, which offers owners and/or operators outsourced professional charter sales management. “Vertis focuses purely on what we do best, sourcing the right charter aircraft for each client mission,” says CEO Jeffrey Emmenis. “This enables the operators to focus solely on operations yet still generate revenue from the asset, and it provides the customers with access to a wider range of aircraft through the Vertis boutique charter service. It's a formidable combination, and that Vertis is now in its ninth year of operations demonstrates the sustainability of the model.”

Alongside this, Vertis has been confirmed as an ARGUS Certified Broker, one of just 11 ARGUS Certified Brokers worldwide. ARGUS safety director Edward Wandall says: “We were extremely impressed with the quality of the Vertis approach. The audit revealed a well run, professionally structured business that puts the client at the centre of all it does. We are delighted to welcome it to the ARGUS scheme, particularly in the month it expands its US presence.” The ARGUS recognition confirms that Vertis adheres to industry best practices, has a deep and broad knowledge of the executive aviation business, and is committed to the utmost in safety and service-oriented charter services.

“The combination of our new office, headed up by Robert, the launch of our Vertis Aircraft Charter Programme, and the trust we know customers associate with ARGUS, gives Vertis a powerful springboard from which to dive deeper into the Americas market,” adds Emmenis. “We are successful pioneers of our specific business model in the EMEA region, we have an amazing international network of clients, and our ARGUS certification officially recognises the standards we've been delivering for years. We are really very excited about the opportunities in the Americas.”

The new US office joins the company's existing network of offices in Dubai and Cape Town, as well as its headquarters in Switzerland, and adds valuable support to Americas-originating customers. Emmenis continues: “Our highly personalised bespoke service generates long term customer relationships and establishes in-depth operator relationships. We get to know aircraft in detail, which is knowledge we can use to make the right recommendations for our clients, yet we remain removed from all operational aspects.”

Vertis anticipates the Americas customer base will quickly ramp up with existing corporate and private customers utilising the Americas office for their intra-continental needs. The company is also taking the opportunity to merge all its capabilities into one global offering which supports charter of all aircraft types. In addition, it will continue to market, on behalf of the owner/operators, a select portfolio of long-range business aircraft including two Boeing Business Jets BBJ, an Airbus ACJ319, two Bombardier Global 6000, a Gulfstream G450 and a Bombardier Challenger 350.


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