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April 2019
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Diverse Edinburgh brokerage takes off

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The Private Jet Boutique, a private jet and helicopter charter broker based in Edinburgh that was incorporated in November last year, officially launched in January.

Former client services director of Jetlogic Vickie Clark helped set up the company. She says: “After working in the industry for over nine years I was delighted when I was approached to help set up the Boutique. We have had a great start to the year. January has been an unexpectedly busy month with enquiries and bookings coming mainly from corporate clients flying to Europe. I am excited for what the year ahead will bring.”

Clark previously helped bring Jetlogic to the market in 2009, her first foray into the aviation industry. Previously she had worked for a specialist construction and property consultancy where she gained experience in dealing with U/HNW clientele.

All first month interest has been for jet charter but she expects to see an increase in helicopter business over the coming months as the weather improves, and as people start to prepare for summer events such as golf championships and music festivals.

In addition, through a network of trusted partners the company will be booking scheduled flights, hotels and luxury holidays as well as chauffeur cars, VIP meet and greet services, lounge access, supercars and superyachts. “We want to provide our clients with a world-class 360° service so that we are considered their number one choice for all their luxury lifestyle needs,” she concludes.


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